What sensor to choose when the pressure is greater than 100MPa?

When selecting a sensor for pressure measurement greater than 100 MPa (MPa), it is important to consider the specific requirements of the application as well as the environmental conditions in which the sensor will be used. Here are some sensor options to consider:

High pressure sensor: High pressure sensors are specifically designed to measure and withstand extremely high pressures. These sensors can handle pressures well in excess of 100 MPa and are commonly used in industrial applications such as oil and gas, aerospace and hydraulic systems.

Quartz pressure sensor: Quartz-based pressure sensors are known for their ability to accurately measure high pressures. These sensors utilize the piezoelectric properties of quartz crystals to detect changes in pressure and are typically used in high-pressure research and testing applications.

Industrial pressure transmitter: Industrial pressure transmitters designed for high pressure applications are also suitable for pressures greater than 100 MPa. These transmitters typically feature rugged construction, high-voltage range, and compatibility with a variety of media types, making them ideally suited for demanding industrial environments.

Custom or specialized sensors: In some cases, custom or specialized pressure sensors may be required to meet the unique needs of ultra-high pressure environments. These sensors can be customized for specific pressure ranges and environmental conditions, providing customized solutions for extreme pressure measurements.

When selecting a pressure sensor greater than 100 MPa, it is critical to consider factors such as pressure range, accuracy, material compatibility, environmental conditions and required output signal (analog, digital, etc.). Consulting with a qualified sensor manufacturer or supplier can help determine the best sensor solution for your specific high voltage measurement needs.

Post time: Dec-09-2023

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